Wisdom of the ages: Understanding the language of hidden love

Another year is now under my belt. Change, growth and experience: they deepen with time. A short time ago I reflected on my life and of who I had become.

I had a wonderful childhood filled with creativity and story writing. It was a time of endless happiness. My parents knew right from wrong, and they took care to raise me well. I recall many lectures from my dad about life and learning. I wanted to think I understood it all at the time. I wanted to believe I had life experience and the proper knowledge to make grown up decisions.

My dad’s response was always the same: you haven’t grown up yet. It riled me at the time, but now I know the truth. He was right. He was right about so many things. Experience comes with life, and you can’t have one without the other.

Now, whenever I gain a new experience, I smile and think, Daddy, you were right.    

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