Questioning the art of creative worth

Creativity is in the eye of the beholder. The value of an item or service often depends on fluctuating factors like market demand. Is it fair that market drive the worth? Intrinsic value, and the time, effort and love that goes into artistic creation must count for something. It should count for a great deal.

Picture two artists creating sculptures. One piece is full of rich detail and passion of a bygone era, and the other is abstract and whimsical in its interpretation. Will one become more popular?

The first artist spent days lovingly forming the embracing couple, painstakingly filling in details to emphasize their affection. The second artist also spent her time forming the abstract scene with love and energetic passion. While her art creation sells for hundreds of dollars, the first artist struggles in the background. What made the abstract piece more worthy?

Popularity is often tied to quality, but this perception must be questioned. Popular doesn’t always mean good quality, just like unpopular doesn’t always mean poor quality. Creative worth, and self worth, is much more than just a by-product of social perceptions.

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