Seeking joy in all corners of the world

Yesterday I came across some powerful words. They were simple and straightforward, but perhaps it was because they were so simple that it resonated even more. Hetty Wainthropp, albeit a television character, made me pause and think.

“Life’s too good to throw away. Particularly when you’ve managed many years already. That’s what you do with life. Use it. Enjoy it. Live it. It’s spitting in the face of God to chuck in the towel before full time.”

The only way to live life is with a full and happy heart. Love every minute of your day, and never let people wear you down. There’s always someone desperate to pull you into their downward spiraling web. Even if you have health issues or financial hardships, train your brain to see the positive. Turn a negative into a positive, and see what results. Seek out the light in every day, and show the world that although you may be just one person, you’ve got a unique spark the world would surely miss.

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