Learning to write like the birds

Have you ever sat on a bench and watched birds in the park? Or perhaps stood on your porch and gazed upon their antics in the backyard? There is such a sense of freedom in birds, a sincere quality of uninhibited movement that they possess. As writers, we should take note.

Joy radiates from their hearts like summer sunshine.

The other day I walked down the street to a local park that follows a small river channel. Several paths mimic the meandering wetland and allow for intimate connections with nature. Crossing the bridge I overheard a small cluster of goldfinches flitting from tree to tree. They sang out their sweet notes, and whenever they felt the desire, leaped off the branch and soared, weightless, into the fragrant air.

Their freedom is inspiring. How can we, as writers, apply this trait to our own lives? We don’t have wings, and we can’t lift off the ground to escape. We can, however, incorporate the ability to follow our hearts.

So often I find my writing mimics my mood. Bursts of creative thought, artistic desires, and the sights and sounds of nature send happy vibes through my heart. When I witness, hear or simply experience a moment of joy, that moment radiates in all directions.

In the reverse, my flow is block by lackluster surroundings. No matter how many times I look at the screen, my keyboard or the pictures on the wall, the words I seek remain hidden. They retreat from my fingers to the shadows of my soul.

Learning to write without inhibition is key to creativity. Mimic the birds as they fly. They don’t stop to question whether the path is best. They also don’t hesitate to let loose their melodies.

When spurred by inspiration, take action. Release the restraints, and follow the unlit path. Beauty rises from the unknown. Uninhibited actions lead to positive results, and positive results provide joy and serenity amid life’s chaos.

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