Cooking with Attitude

I came across a fascinating blog the other day, and I was so mesmerized by the creativity that I couldn’t help but share my thoughts.
Post Punk Kitchen is a name you won’t soon forget. There are thousands of blogs devoted to vegan cooking, but Post Punk Kitchen is fresh, focused and in-your-face direct. 
Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s writing style is clear and inspirational, and her passion projects itself straight into your brain. Bold colours are expertly mixed with white space to leave just the right combination of visual satisfaction. Each blog post is paired with a photo of drool-worthy proportions.
What about the recipes? Each list of ingredients is laid out in a straightforward manner with helpful tips thrown in along the way. Witty and entertaining, the introductory blurb truly sets the scene for some great times to come. Who wouldn’t love to spend time cooking with friends? 
There isn’t much emphasis placed on organic produce or ingredients, but blog followers interested in these recipes can substitute at will. There are many amazing ways to eat healthy.
The Post Punk Kitchen blog is vegan cooking with attitude. Red and orange are unusual colour choices, but they give the blog a unique spin on creative design. Useful questions and answers mixed with background information direct blog followers in the ways of the vegan. 
Sketched fruits and vegetables line the top border of the blog, and they help authenticate the goal: vegan cooking is devoted to plants. Isa works hard to ensure readers love the vegan lifestyle, and Post Punk Kitchen is her gift to the world.   

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