A global theatre of appreciation

Yesterday I watched a subtitled movie in the theatre. Sure, I have watched many subtitled movies at home, but the theatre was a new experience. It was also enlightening. I went with my husband and a few friends, and we were the youngest audience members present. Only one third of the theatre was filled as well.

There are very few theatres around that show international movies. Why is that?

The world is full of diverse, fascinating and talented people. When we don’t see the whole picture, we miss out on a great deal. Whether a culture is localized or widespread, each unique viewpoint brings us closer together. We can appreciate and respect our differences when the veil of confusion or fear is lifted.

I heard a wonderful quote a few weeks ago: “In the end, we all crave similar things out of life. If someone doesn’t think that, it is only because he or she is perceiving the stereotype, not the individual.”

Stepping out of our comfort zones gives us a chance to look beyond the stereotypes. It gives us a chance to step into someone else’s shoes, to feel what they feel, to experience what they experience.

Watching an international movie gives us that chance. Our world view and appreciation of life broaden with exposure, and something that may have been unusual or uncomfortable is given a second chance. Light, love and respect shimmer even in the darkest of places.

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