Life, revisited: A written celebration

In celebration of women:

You work hard, raise children, feed hungry mouths, keep the peace, and hide out for solitude. You read for joy, read for escape, read for half a minute, answer the phone, slam down the phone, go out on date nights, and spend time with friends.

You have a breakthrough, receive an award, attempt yoga, fall flat on your face, attempt kickboxing, get frustrated, and blow off steam at the park. You have varicose veins, spider veins, wrinkles, flat hair, gray hair in one or more places, cellulite, love handles, attention-grabbing curves, inner confidence, and great passion. You go to the market, keep yourself covered, worship your chosen faith, and celebrate your heritage.

You dance naked to music, sing songs in the shower, and cook with an eye for spontaneity. You carry water from a well, grow crops in the yard, strain your eyes sewing, and fall into bed exhausted. You love your family, protect your family, pull your hair out at your family, put in long hours at the office, and get promoted at work.

No matter how you go through life, no matter how you age, no matter how you may face hardships along the way, remember that you are your own person. Be happy, be healthy, and be true to yourself. Let no one break your spirit, and let no one spoil your dreams. Whether they come true or not is not as important as how strongly you believe in yourself. Your passion for life is a beautiful thing. Your passion for life is you.

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