365 days of (writing): creating a daily New Year’s resolution

What does a new year signify? Does it mean renewed effort? Does it mean inspired beginnings? Sure, how about both of those actions, and then some. A new year is like a blank slate. It can be tempting to view only those first weeks of January as the time to start fresh. What about the rest of the year?

Just because the calendar now reads 2015 doesn’t mean it’s the only time to improve. Life is all about change, and growth, and endless opportunities to explore your place in this world.

Who you are as a person on January 1 might not be who you are on December 31 of that same year. And that’s fine. That’s good. You shouldn’t be the same, because you’ve had 365 days worth of new experiences.

So take today, and tomorrow, and the day after that as fresh opportunities to improve. Whether it’s your health, your career, or your outlook on life, take the time every day to appreciate what you have, and jot down notes on what you can do to make it better.

If you want to write a short story, or a novella, then do it. Don’t worry about what others may think, or how terrible it might read at first. Skills come to those who work at their craft. Every day. With joy in their hearts. Start fresh every morning, and live for your passions. Every day can be New Year’s day.

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