Life, One Fungus at a Time

“Wild mushrooms are evil.” Kaylie stands in military stance, fingers perched defiantly on hips. She steps towards the granite counter, peering up at me like a granny without her specs. Since when did I father an old woman?

I laugh, the throaty rumble echoing around a mommy-deprived kitchen. Sun catchers, once hung all over the south-facing panes, now lean listlessly by the dust-filled spot. It is the spot. Her spot. Miranda.

Kaylie huffs. “Daddy, you’re not listening.” She purses her lips, every inch of her face becoming Miranda. Too much. Too soon.

“Sorry, Captain Kaylie. Proceed.”

A somber nod. “Near the tunnel by the pines. The mushrooms ate a child.”


Copyright © 2015 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Micro Bookends:
2nd Place Winner!

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