An Act of Innocence


Mikey Weathervane’s eyes flew open. What the hell was that?

He glanced across the lumpy mattress, weeks-old sheets and food stains ground into the fibres. Since when does my alarm bop? And why are my walls streaked with tiny handprints?

He hit snooze, that familiar, magical device that extended his slumber ten minutes at a time. He was an immigration lawyer at Robbins, Marshall, and Firk, yet he never lived up to standards. Too trustworthy. Too understanding. More often than not, tearful couples had sham marriages.

Today. A hearing for his “clients.” Mikey gazed out the filmy window, his mood as dark as the green hazy sky. “Why can’t I play hooky? Someone else can fill in. The hearing is a joke anyways.”

Ten minutes later, he sat in his pillow plane, merrily launching a mid-flight battle. “Take that, you scum!” He simulated machine gun fire, blazing a path through the enemy line.

“Kaboom! They got me!”

He never noticed the bright flare swelling outside his windows, turning the sky fireball orange.

A knock on the door. Two police officers. Pink horns twitched near their ears.

“Don’t you know that whatever you act out becomes reality on this planet? How else do you think we became coppers?”


Copyright © 2015 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Flash!Friday:

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