Daddy’s Love

The heat nearly knocked him over. Burning and scorching. A raging Scotch bonnet inferno.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” His daughter, Kari, peeked around the corner, followed quickly by her younger sister, Nicole.

A delicious smile wormed its way across his face. “Here, try this. I just picked it.”

“Smells weird,” Nicole said, her nose curling in distaste.

“No, it’s good. Tastes just like sweet peppers.”

He watched as Kari and Nicole popped the flaming morsels into their tiny mouths. He watched their eyes widen, tears coursing down cherub cheeks.

The lecture ten minutes later couldn’t halt his twinkling eyes.


Copyright © 2015 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Flash!Friday’s Warmup Wednesday:

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