Seeking Gold

A cool breeze washed over George, bathing him in evening mist. His thoughts sparked fear, like the encroaching fog rolling in from the Devonshire coast.

“Blue Sprite?”

She descended from her perch above the tumbling stream. “We live in different worlds. Mine is the twitter of faerie folk, the hum of the meandering stream. Yours is the world of grinding machines, of men with their eyes on greed. I witness a disparate world, but I strive to help those I can. Please, tell me your wishes.”

George stumbled at her words. Men. Greed. Money. Wasn’t that what he needed?

“Mistress Sprite,” he said, “my family is poor. My father, weak. He cannot work the grinding wheels. My sons are too young, and I am only one man. Please, I ask for money to pay our landlord.”

The blue sprite’s eyes flashed fury. “No,” she said. ” I understand your fears, but I cannot abide your wishes. Money handed down teaches nothing but greed. I will send you a girl. Strong, determined. A trustworthy ogre.”

George’s head snapped back. “Ogre?”

“She will help you grind your wheat. She will help you turn sweat into coins, for that, my boy, is the only way to succeed.”

George choked back disappointment and shook the tiny sprite’s hand.

The next morning, Mathilda the Ogre knocked on his door. She wore a lunch bag and a smile. “Come, gentle George; the mill awaits.”


Copyright © 2015 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Indies Unlimited:

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