Show and Die

“I can’t do this,” Sharese says. Paint smears on her skin an echo of last night’s show.

Blair glares. “You will.”

Her eyes leak brown-tinged tears. “But the food!”

“I took you in. Fat lot of good it did me. All you ever do is fall asleep.”

“I’m narcoleptic!”

“A druggie?”

“Narcolepsy. I fall asleep. Food can trigger reactions. I’ll be mauled!”

Blair scoffs. “Don’t be stupid. Paint on the disguise, and get out there.”

– – –

Curtains part. A cage, a “No Food” sign; Sharese prances over the growling pit. Wafting Cornish pasty suddenly mixes with terrified screams.


Copyright © 2015 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Flash!Friday’s Warmup Wednesday:

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