Rise of the Rats

Lily stared across the restaurant dining room into the chocolate brown eyes of Simon Firks.

He was rugged, tanned, with a smile that could knock her senseless. Not the type to settle down seriously, Simon Firks was a devil in blue jeans. He was also one half of the power behind Grant & Firks (names disclosed only to clients) Lotus Pool Detective Agency.

Lily met him the day he moved into the one-bedroom unit next door, bringing home the first of many women. Lily made it a point to turn up the music or head out on errands whenever Fabio Firks returned.

Her opinion changed when she watched him slip into a nondescript white sedan six months prior. Always unnaturally curious, Lily hopped into her pickup truck and slunk after him. Lotus Pool met Lily.

Simon sat down at the table. His boisterous entrance sent the white pristine tablecloth whooshing in displeasure. “Sorry, Lil,” he said with a tight smile. “I had rats.”

Rats. Code word for the people he tailed.

“You knew we were meeting. Couldn’t you have postponed your job?”

Simon threw down a brown envelope, photos spilling across the cloth. Lily caught a glimpse of two people entwined in embrace. That long hair, that green dress. “My God,” Lily said. “That’s us.”

Simon nodded, his body tense with apprehension. “I received these in the mail. It seems the rats are now tailing me.”


Copyright © 2015 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Indies Unlimited:

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