A Theatrical Affair

Ellie was in trouble. She felt the pang as the clock struck 9 p.m. It kicked at her chest and whipped like wildfire through her skin. Traitor. Harlot. Fiend. She’d heard it all before. Those eccentric whispering tones as her neighbours slunk to their curtained windows to watch her escape.

Now, she heard it again. She whipped around, caught sight of the rustling sleeves, the flash of pink curlers. Mabel on the prowl.

She slipped into the Golden Triangle Theatre, sighing with relief as her body sunk into the cushioned comfort of seat 55A. She’d once made a generous donation to the theatre, and now, she’d claimed a seat.

Ellie was a regular. One of those frequent audience members obsessed with live action and the stage. She was a slave to her memories. Of the times she pranced and sang in school plays. That little girl danced in and out of her vision. A graceful, willowy blonde with a beaming face. What had become of her?

She glanced at the guests. A small boy in the seat near hers. Children. Home. Robbie and Heather. Their names and faces blurred in the shadows. Perhaps she should—

A fresh song tickled her ears. Entranced, she turned her attention to the stage.


Copyright © 2015 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Flash!Friday:

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