Meet Me at the Fair

“Double double, please.” Darla glanced at a hefty woman waiting for doughnuts. “Actually, make mine with milk.”

A tug on her shirt. “Timbits, too, Mommy.” Heidi’s dark eyes were round and hopeful.

Darla sighed. “Those things aren’t healthy.”

The pout was on its way.

“Fine. Two old-fashioned glazed, please.”

They hopped into their rusty truck and headed for the fall fair.

“Will Daddy win? We got the giantest pumpkin, right?” Heidi bounced in the cracked seat. “Let’s go to the tractor pull first!”

A long line of cars.


Police officers lined the road. Scowls tossed from cheek to cheek.

This, Darla feared, was no harvest-friendly act.


Copyright © 2015 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Micro Bookends:

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