Honey Highlights in C Minor

I can stop this. Today. I won’t end up like my old man.

Brave words, kiddo, but we both know you’ll never burn off your daddy’s genes. Give in. Let us take control. We’re bursting with song, a rich arpeggio guaranteed to ignite.

I shake my head, fending off the rumbling tones sinking heady chords into my eardrum. My trembling fingers curl up towards my scalp, seeking threads of chestnut. Honey highlights.

Steady pulses heighten, shifting into glissando. The notes turn staccato, and they…won’t…back…down.

Thumb and index latch on, gripping, ripping free.

Mirror reflects bare patches. Flaking skin.

Another piece of hair flutters groundward. Worthless, like my daddy before me. I kick the gravestone. Just look where his obsession took him.


Copyright © 2015 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Flash!Friday:

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