Y 2 Eyes

“Hey, numbnuts, you know what tomorrow is, right?” His braying laugh reverberated through my sensitive ears.

“Stop it!”

“Fine. Freakazoid! You blue-eyed and green-eyed freakazoid!”

I stood there hyperventilating, my tiny chest rising in faster sequences, my face flushing deeper than the deepest aubergine. I felt a tiny pop, then a scurrying through my skin. Odd.

“You’re a freak with the Y2K virus. You’ll be dead tomorrow, your skin flayed and stinking!”

Good guess.

The next morning all that remained of my bully was a bloody, pulpy mess, his pajamas coated with traces of extraterrestrial gunk.

Who’s laughing now?


Copyright © 2016 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Microcosms:

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