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Short Stories/ Flash Fiction

FlashDogs Volume 3: Time Anthology, Paperback. Three stories: “The Upwelling,” “Before the Feather Falls,” and “Dolls Don’t Blink.”

Mash Stories
Dance of the Butterfly – Shortlisted!

101 Words
One Last Spin – Featured Story for Issue 3
Truth or Lies
Portabella Lane
Moving Day – Featured Story for Issue 4
Sealed with a Kiss – Featured Story for Issue 5
A Delectable Dish

Meadows of Deception – Chosen for Honourable Mention!
Magic in the Garden – Chosen as Runner Up!
The Green Dragon Room
Tattooist En Plein Air
Dragons: A Documentary
Y 2 Eyes
Francine’s Wrath
Once Upon a Murder
Steps from the Edge – Chosen for Honourable Mention and Community Pick!

Ink After Dark
Maison Triste
Burnt Alizarin

200 Words Tuesdays
Mystery Guests Knock Twice
Ruby Red
A Deadly Intellect
A Diner to Remember
Shadow Walker
Nighttime Theatre
Dial 9 for Renewal
Smiles of Remembrance
Vermilion Dreams

Visual Verse
Waiting for You
Knit Me a Memory

Flash!Friday’s Warmup Wednesday
Say Cheese!
Beware the Glow
Tcesin History, Page 4
The Murky Depths are Calling
Grey Cloudy Skies
Daddy’s Love
Show and Die
Drunk and Disorderly
Eyes and Tales

Micro Bookends
For the Love of Rigby
Dark Deeds
Flying Under the Influence
Life, One Fungus at a Time – Chosen as 2nd Place Winner!
The Taste of Freedom
When Troubles Multiply
Masks of Fire
Mimic of the Heart
Double Dare
Meet Me at the Fair
Lungs of the World
Seconds, Please – Chosen for Honourable Mention!
Wicked Ways and the Broken Telephone
Percival and the Manhattan Minotaur
From the Darkness We Rise

Breckenridge, or the Lifelong Search for Justice
hoose Your Own Adventure, with Zoe
Spirals to Nowhere
An Act of Innocence
The World We Knew
Picnics with Sally
Down in the Pumpkin Patch
A Theatrical Affair
Lutania Rises
Brothers to the End – Chosen for Special Mention!
Poison by the Dose
Dancing on a Carpet of Water
Don’t Go Naked Into the Woods
Comb Over
The Whiskers, the Beaks, and the Plants of the Forest
The Gateway
Tumbleweed Believers
The Day of the Kaleidoscope Dish
Lavender Blossoms but Once
Honey Highlights in C Minor
Softly They Scream
Cerise – Chosen for Honourable Mention!

Finish That Thought
Coffee and Donut
Little Book of Horrors
The Eyes on the Shelf – Chosen as Special Challenge Champion!
An Oak by Any Other Name – Chosen as Special Challenge Champion!
The Colour of Love
Ode to the Night – Chosen as Special Challenge Champion!

Flash Mob
Painting the Wind
Curses in the Night – Chosen as 1st Place Winner!
The Bloodless – Chosen as 3rd Place Winner!

Indies Unlimited
Death of the Buttercups
Seeking Gold
Rise of the Rats

National Flash Fiction Day: The Write-In
Finding Solace in Solitude

101 Words Flash Fiction Sunday Edition
Stories I selected for Issue 9
Stories I selected for Issue 30


Year 1, Week 26 Challenge – Three Line Thursday – Chosen as 2nd Place Winner!
Year 1, Week 41 Challenge – Three Line Thursday – Chosen for Honourable Mention!
Year 1, Week 45 Challenge – Three Line Thursday – Chosen as 3rd Place Winner!
Year 2, Week 6 Challenge – Three Line Thursday – Chosen for Honourable Mention!