Poison by the Dose

The bad men drowned today. Them with their fancy duds and debonair smiles. Not sure what that means. I heard Mr. Martin say that when they left the shop. He also said they had smooth talking ways and arsenic-laced eyes. That got me excited. They got poison in their eyes?

I followed along, eager to watch poison shoot from their eyes. Were they aliens? Would the G-Men come soon?

Instead, they whipped out pistols and robbed the bank on Main Street. That’s where the money lives. Bad men.

Jackets fluttered as they raced loot down the street like sacks of laundry. They even threw it over the bridge and dived in. That’s when the yelling started. Guess their boat got away.

The taller one saw me on my perch. Called for help. I shook my head. Mama always told me to never lend a hand to bad men.


Copyright © 2015 by Emily Clayton
Originally appeared on Flash!Friday:

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