Open to inspiration? Healthy living beckons

“Oh she glows.” Doesn’t that just give rise to such inspiration and hope for a healthy outlook on the future? When I discovered Angela’s vegan blog, I was blown away by the genuine love she put into her words as well as her recipes.

Her story is inspiring as well. Years of improper eating and avoidance led to health issues, yet she persevered and pulled herself through those days. Now she is on a mission to spread the word about healthy eating and respect for ingredients.

Her “oh she glows tea shoppe” features fairly traded and certified organic teas in a variety of delightful combinations. The teas AM Buzz and Glo Getter, just two of her many offerings, have a certain ring to them – who could resist?

Plus with a new cookbook in the mix – The Oh She Glows Cookbook – Angela is well on her way to savoury success.

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